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    3438 E Ashlan Avenue Fresno, CA 93726

Office Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8:00am-5:00pm
Friday: 8:00am-12:00pm
Closed most Federal Holidays

Service Times

We’ve designed 7 different worship service options varying in style, location, and time slot.

Traditions - Live @ 8:00 (Live Auditorium)
The taste of new and traditional worship combined with live teaching.

The Bridge Live @ 9:30am & 11:00am | Live Celebration | (Live Auditorium)
The taste of new and high-energy worship combined with live teaching.

The Café @ 9:30am & 11:00am | Coffee & flip-flops | (Café)
Acoustic and casual feel for those more comfortable in a coffee shop than in a church.

El Puente a las 12:45pm | Servicio de Adoracion en Espanol | (Live Auditorium)
...a un lugar donde su familia puede adorar y aprender en su propio ambiente, cultura e idioma. Clic en aquí para más información sobre El Puente. 

Fresno Deaf Church at 1:00pm (Café)
A friendly and open service designed to enhance the worship and learning experience for those who are deaf. | Click here for more info on Fresno Deaf Church.


For the Valley - Financing a church for the valley

for the valley header

funding a church for the valley

Pastor Andrew has been helping us catch a vision what it means to be a church for the valley, helping people discover and follow Jesus. We’re excited about being a church that goes to where people are... instead of hoping they come to us.

We’re getting started right away in becoming a church for the valley by participating with other churches in “Good News In The Valley.” And we’ll also be hosting Easter For The Valley at an offsite location on Easter Sunday.

You’ll be hearing much more about these activities in the weeks and months ahead!

Some of you have asked, “How can I get behind us becoming a church for the valley financially?” Some of us already have!At the end of last year the people of the Bridge gave $25,000 to “Good News in The Valley”. We’ve already sent those funds to the Palau Team. Thank you for your generosity!

Now, over the next several months, we’re asking the people of The Bridge to consider giving an additional $60,000 to fund three projects designed to help us become a church for the valley.

Project 1:

The first project is to host Easter For The Valley offsite. On Easter Sunday, April 16, we’re going to host a big Easter celebration, complete with worship service, baptisms, food, games and Easter egg hunts for the kids. This is going to be the perfect place to bring your friends and help people see that we really want to be a church for the valley. 

Project 2:

Second, we want to launch our first multi-site venue by 2020 so we’re putting together a Multi-site Expansion Team to help us research and plan how and where to do that first offsite. 

Project 3:

Finally, we want to help equip each of us to invest in and love our neighbors where we live, work, study and play. So, we’re putting together a Neighboring Toolbox which will be made up of supplies and resources Bridge people might need to connect and invest in their neighbors. An example might be a collection of everything you may need to borrow to put on a block party this Spring.

We’ve set-up a designated fund called “For The Valley”, so if you would like to give over and above your regular giving to help us become a church for the valley in supporting these projects, we’d encourage you to designate your gifts to “For The Valley.” We’ll put those funds toward the $60,000 we need to be used for that purpose.