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Service Times

We’ve designed 7 different worship service options varying in style, location, and time slot.

Traditions - Live @ 8:00 (Live Auditorium)
The taste of new and traditional worship combined with live teaching.

The Bridge Live @ 9:30am & 11:00am | Live Celebration | (Live Auditorium)
The taste of new and high-energy worship combined with live teaching.

The Café @ 9:30am & 11:00am | Coffee & flip-flops | (Café)
Acoustic and casual feel for those more comfortable in a coffee shop than in a church.

El Puente a las 12:45pm | Servicio de Adoracion en Espanol | (Live Auditorium)
...a un lugar donde su familia puede adorar y aprender en su propio ambiente, cultura e idioma. Clic en aquí para más información sobre El Puente. 

Fresno Deaf Church at 1:00pm (Café)
A friendly and open service designed to enhance the worship and learning experience for those who are deaf. | Click here for more info on Fresno Deaf Church.


Casa Shalom

What is Casa Shalom?

Interested in Urban Missions here in Fresno?

The Bridge Church has dedicated Casa Shalom to the purpose of developing generations of world changers. Casa Shalom is rooted in Biblical Community, Urban Ministry and Leadership Development. Participants in Casa Shalom commit to spending 10 months of their lives engaging the Gospel in the inner city context of Central East Fresno.

The vision of The Bridge is to be a church for the valley, helping people discover and follow Jesus. Click here to complete the application. 

If you want to know more about interning at Casa Shalom, send email to  .

You can also donate to Casa Shalom too. Click here!

Update: December 2016

So much has happened in the past few months at Casa Shalom. Our interns were hard at work during this past semester in pursuing God through word and deed. The Good News is being made known and many leaps of faith have already been taken.


I am excited to share with you that another year, year two, of the Casa Shalom ministry is under way. Hallelujah! Thank you for your prayers and financial provisions that have allowed the discipleship and development of the next generation to continue.

Housing Update

Over the summer it became clear that a tough decision was needed to ensure movement toward a financially sustainable future for Casa Shalom. The current property on University Ave perfectly meets our housing needs for both men and women, so we chose not to renew the lease on the Angus St property, which was being used for program Director housing and occasional Bridge events. The Casa Shalom ministry is now situated such that long-term financial sustainability is possible with the creation of an annual funding plan (more on this in January and February). No need to fret, friends! The ministry is just as strong, if not stronger, since making this transition. I am confident that this will become evident as you read through this newsletter.

Casa Shalom 2016 - 2017, Fall Semester

Jeremiah 29:7 reminds us to seek the peace and prosperity of the city and to pray for it, for if it prospers, then we too shall prosper. With Jeremiah 29:7 in mind I am excited to share with you that Casa Shalom has been actively engaging the gospel while simultaneously being molded by the word of God. One of the Casa Shalom interns, Dallhana (Diana) Garcia recently wrote about how she is being transformed, “before Casa Shalom, my eyes were limited to who God was. Now, I can see clearer. It has been an amazing journey and I pray that I continue to see the fullness of God unveiled to me every single day.”

This ministry year we have a total of five interns: Jaqueline Neria (Fresno), Jonathan Douglas (Oakland), Megan Prewitt (Hanford), Dallhana Garcia (Kerman), and Nancy Yang (Fresno). The ministry year kicked off in August and in September the interns solidified who they were as Casa Shalom while on a retreat to Sugar Pine Christian Camp. While at Sugar Pine the Casa Shalom interns began a bond that will last for the duration of the ministry year and in some cases, for the rest of their lives. Looking forward they came up with their own covenantal statement for the year, Casa Shalom is a Christ driven family committed to loving the neighborhood with open arms.  

Fall Retreat, Sugar Pine (L to R Nancy Yang, Jaqueline Neria, Dallhana (Diana) Garcia, Jonathan Douglas, and Megan Prewitt)

September 2016, Casa Shalom Covenant (Sugar Pine Christian Camp)

Also in September we attended the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) conference where we were challenged theologically and philosophically. We were also challnged through various key note speakers. Speakers such as Rev. Brenda Salter McNeal who reminded us that, the very thing we feel disqualifies us from the table, is the very reason we are needed at the table. An empowering message for our emerging leaders of Casa Shalom. CCDA was hosted in Los Angeles.

Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) September 2016, Los Angeles

CCDA, with founder Dr. John Perkins (second from left)


Casa Shalom is not only about inner transformation, but also about seeking outward transformation by serving in the community. I would like to highlight a few ways of how the interns are seeking the transformation of our beloved city.

Megan has a heart for the widowed and elderly, which she has dedicated five hours a week to gracefully share the Love of the Lord. You may have heard of Fresno’s CityFest Good News in the Valley, well Dallhana has been hired as a full time employee for this city wide initiative in helping people discover Jesus Christ. Jaque has a heart for children and is actively serving the children of Pyle elementary through Child Evangelism Fellowship. Nancy, Jaque and Jonathan have taken leadership over Saturday Sports at Ericson elementary where neighborhood kids are loved through board games, sidewalk chalk, and flag football, to name a few. The icing on the cake, a message of love by way of the gospel message. I believe Nancy sums it up best how being engaged with the community can lead to discipleship opportunities as she writes, “being in Casa Shalom made me realize that, the journey never ends; being a disciple and discipling others is a part of truly being in the Kingdom of God and doing God’s work.”

Engaging the youth with the gospel (Saturday Sports, Ericson Elementary)
Creative Thinking Exercise (Saturday Sports, Ericson)
Praying over the Principal (Ericson Elementary)

Looking Forward

Christmas break is upon us and we look forward to a break and a time of rest. But we are also looking forward to next semester and finishing the Casa Shalom year well. Jonathan understands that finishing well is key as he writes, “in these days from the wisdom [under which] we have been discipled, to things we’ve learned in the curriculum, or from spirit filled presentations from the house director, my prayer is that we don't just go through these days, but that we grow through these days!”

In closing it has been an honor and a privilege to serve these five interns over the last four months and collectively we send a special thank you to all of you who have prayed and will continue to pray for this ministry. We also send a special thank you to those of you who have given financially and will continue to give financially to this ministry. Because of your prayers and financial giving Casa Shalom will continue to disciple young adults in the ways of Jesus Christ, offer guidance in discerning and developing life callings, so that young adults would live purposefully by loving God and actively loving their neighbor (Matthew 22:36-40), thus living on mission for the kingdom of God. With excitement and expectation, we look forward to finishing well!